Why Buy New?

New is you. Used is someone else.

Your home should reflect your life, your style, your choices. Used is always a compromise… and always a question. When you buy a brand new Shawn Forth home, you always get what you want – including peace-of-mind. Why settle for somebody else’s version of your dream home?  Before you buy “used”, come see us.  For a lot less than you think, you can own a gorgeous, all-new, all-you home from Shawn Forth Homes. 

  New Shawn Forth Home Used Home

New Home Warranty


 Everything around you is new!  Yes!  Rarely.

All New Systems 


No Warranties.

 Modern Architecture

Yes! Varies. 
Advanced Building Materials  Yes!  Varies. 
Peace of Mind   Yes! Maybe. 
 Choice of Your Own Finishes  Yes!  None.
 Upgrades Available  Yes!  No.
 Energy Efficient  Yes!  Maybe.